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We've all dealt with the frustration and cost associated with validating state-of-the-art RDS driven FM tuner designs in automotive infotainment. Complexity goes up that much more when implementing TMC as it involves multiple service providers and integration with the customer's choice of navigation software. Based on our own experience bringing up FM tuner and navigation features for US and Worldwide customers and leveraging our best-in-class Apple Made for iPod(TM) stack, DirectVoxx is pleased to announce the ATC Duo for iOS devices. ATC Duo is a completely iOS device powered, dual transmitter RDS/TMC generator that plugs into any iPhone or iPod Touch. Together with the ATC Duo Test Suite, available for free on the App Store, ATC Duo lets you equip your entire engineering team with the full gamut of RDS application testing, including AF, EON, TP, TA, TMC and open data protocols at a fraction of the cost of a conventional rack mounted RDS/TMC-FM transmitter setup.

Sign up for our early access program to evaluate and help us refine the product as we progress toward general availability, which is expected to be Q1 2013. We are also planning an Android version based on the Android Open Accessory Kit later in 2013.

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